Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

Yesterday we had some snow here, so after the snow stopped falling Janda and I went for a short walk to see our neighborhood in the snow. It was also an astronomically low tide, so we went and checked out the river too.

Then for New Year's Eve we had a really good dinner with our next door neighbor's and headed to bed around midnight.

Today we went into Salem for a road race that I ran and Janda watched. It was my first road race in ages and it went pretty well: 4 miles in 29:52. It wasn't quite what I hoped, but I was less than 15 seconds per mile off of my goal and had a little too much left at the end for my awesome finishing sprint- if there was an award for fastest last 100 I totally would have won. Still plenty of time to get into shape for the spring road races luckily!

Before the race

Just before the finishing sprint

Tonight we celebrated a New Year with my favorite meal: tacos. All in all a very good opening of the year.