Wednesday, October 23, 2013

7 Months!

October 2013

I don't know how it's happened, but another month has gone by!  Ryder keeps getting bigger and bigger, right before our eyes.  He is making progress by leaps and bounds and it seems like every day he is doing something new and exciting.

At 6 months (ish) Ryder moved into his own bedroom and that was a smooth transition.  I am definitely waking up less each night, some nights it's even zero times!  Love those nights.  He seems to have no trouble falling asleep in his new room, so that's helpful.  Until he moved into his own room, we let him sleep downstairs with us until we were ready to go to bed.  Now he just rolls over, hugs his friends and listen to his seahorse play him music til he falls asleep most nights.

He also started solid foods at 6 months.  It took him about 4 tries over the course of a school week to get the hang of it, but the fourth time we fed him sweet potatoes he gobbled it down.  We have added apples, pears and peas.  Ryder is still unsure of the peas!  He gets some fruit/veggies for breakfast and for dinner so far.

Ryder has nearly mastered sitting up, with only the occasional fall forward.  Now he can sit up and play while we take care of things around the house.  He can now creep backwards in addition to turning himself every which way.  This past week he has started getting up onto his knees and rocking back and forth, so crawling should be coming soon.  He can pick up his binky and pop it into his mouth no problem, as well as hold his small bottles to feed himself.  He has way more manual dexterity and wants to touch and grab everything he can and pop it into his mouth.  He smiles so much and is interested in everything; it's so much fun!

Sitting straight up!

Trying to eat his ball

Oh those feet are interesting