Sunday, January 26, 2014

10 months old!

January 2014

Ryder enjoyed his first Christmas- of course, he had no idea what was going on, but he certainly had fun visiting everybody. He is having lots of fun with his new toys and he got almost a complete 12 month wardrobe, which is good because the 9 month clothes are quickly being outgrown.  9 month pajamas are out and the onesies are on their way!  Pants seem to last longer, he must have my short legs.

He had his 9 month checkup and according to the growth charts at least, he has caught up in size. After being 5 1/2 weeks early (although huge for that premie-ness) and having no food/surgery the first week of life, he was very slow to grow for the first few months.  Finally at 6 months he went from being under the 10th percentile to the 30th or so.  Now he was in the 90th percentile!  I'd say he is doing well- which is a great relief to us of course.

He is still obliging us with a great sleep schedule.  Bed around 5:30, up around 6:30.  Naps are still dicey though.  Over our vacation he slept 15 straight hours one night!  He still fusses a little at night, but I don't have to get up much, rarely more than once a night.  We've gone a bit backwards with the food.  His very bad diaper rash returned, so I have limited his diet to 3-4 foods the past couple of weeks.  I'm ready to start expanding again and on the look out for trouble foods.

H has been extremely active this month.  He crawls everywhere at top speed now.  He will play hide and seek, chase a ball around and push his cars across the room.  He learned how to stand up on Christmas Eve and has been wreaking havoc ever since.  Anything on any table goes straight in the mouth!  He has stood up on his own and balanced for a few seconds, so far.  He also walks around pushing things now; it won't be long before he is walking.

He definitely knows his name now, as well as a few other words.  So far, no words from him, but he babbles lots of sounds, as well as many different yells, grunts and squeals.  He is very rarely quiet and if he is, you can be sure he has something he shouldn't in his mouth.

He sat up nice and straight!

A smile is never hard to get

Standing up on his own!