Tuesday, September 24, 2013

6 months!

September 2013

This month Janda and I went back to work, so Ryder spends his days with his grandmothers.  Luckily for everyone it was a pretty smooth transition.  He is still sleeping very well at night.  He's actually going to bed earlier on week nights since we get up earlier.  So far he still sleeps in on the weekends, luckily.  Plenty of snuggle time!

He still doesn't sit up on his own, but he sits up against things well.  He realized that he can reach his feet and spends a lot of time holding them and trying to shove them in his mouth. He loves to roll over now and does upward facing dogs to look around the room.  He's trying like mad to crawl, but so far can only do 360's.  He really really loves to stand and try to walk.  He can't pull himself up, but if you stand him up he holds himself up on stuff.

He plays a lot more with his toys now, moving them around in his hands and trying to eat them.  He giggles when you play peek a boo and when you snuzzle his belly.  One of his favorite activities is "zombie baby," where he tries to eat my entire face all the while with a devilish grin!  He also makes tons of noises now.  Lots of squeaking, giggling, gurgling and the occasional consonant sound.  We're pretty sure he accidentally said "oh yeah" one day!

Just chillin'

Always smiling!

Getting mobile