Saturday, February 6, 2016

Winter Wonderland

We haven't gotten much snow so far this winter, so that hasn't been much winter fun happening.  Although we are perfectly happy with the practically-Spring fun we've been having, don't get me wrong.  The first snow we had, Ryder was sick, so we didn't get him out.  The next snow, Ryder sleddded in our yard during Vivi's nap, so she didn't get out.  This morning we finally got them both out together to play in the snow and it was adorable!  That being said, I hope it all melts fast!!

Vivi's first time in the snow!

Pulling them both around in the sled

Taking it all in while I push Ryder down the hill

Ryder likes sledding, no surprise there

Ohh, a helper!

A little ride down the hill

Everything was still covered in snow this morning

Ryder decided to trying laying down

My two cuties

Monday, January 25, 2016

34 months!

It's hard to believe that Ryder will be three in two short months!  On the one hand, he is getting so big and developing so fast, and on the other hand it seems like just yesterday he was born!

This was the first Christmas that he really had an idea that something special was happening.  He kept saying all month long that Santa was going to bring him lots of trucks!  On Christmas morning he woke up at his regular time and we had to tell/remind him that it was Christmas and Santa had come last night.  Santa brought him a table with a track set that had lots of cars and trains and other little parts for the scene.  It was a HUGE hit and he didn't even really want to open his other presents.  He and Vivien have been playing with that and all of the other new toys ever since.  The only downside to Christmas was that Ryder didn't understand that it would be over and that Santa wouldn't be bringing him new toys every night!

He is definitely in a "boundary pushing" phase.  The good news is that he knows what is right and what is wrong; the bad news is that knowledge does not inform his choices yet!    Right now, when the moment passes, he is pretty good about giving "please forgive me" kisses.  Usually it just takes a few minutes of freaking out before he moves on to something new.

This month Ryder hit a milestone that he probably wouldn't have minded skipping.  He had his first real sickness and threw up, while on my lap of course.  He was down for the count for two straight days.  In fact, he was only out of my sight for about 45 minutes for those 48 hours!  He spent most of the time on the couch, sleeping or watching Curious George or Bob the Builder.  It snowed that first day and he wasn't even a little bit interested in it!  The poor boy really must have felt miserable.

Ever since my maternity leave, Ryder has been even more attached to me than ever.  I don't know if the vacation jump-started that or what, but he has been very snuggly lately.  He always wants me to be with him and gets upset when I leave, plus he has been cuddling a lot.  He wants to sit on my chair when we eat and will walk over and hug my leg, especially if I'm holding Vivien.  That being said, he still never minds when I leave for work in the morning and say good-bye to him at my mom's!

Enjoying his apple

What a face

Just chilling, eating his apple

Goofing around

Getting a little tired of this photo shoot

A little break on the hippity hop cheered him right up

Sunday, January 17, 2016

13 months!

Vivi's biggest milestone this month is drinking milk from a bottle!  I've been back to work for over 4 months and she is finally drinking from a bottle.  Until now all she would take were a few sips of water from a bottle, but now she's drinking the whole day's milk from a bottle.  Now we have to think about transitioning her to a sippy cup!

In addition to the 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth that are firmly established, a least one more bottom tooth, maybe 2 have poked through.  With all those teeth, she is very good now at biting her food and pretty much only eats fingers foods.  The only exception to that is yogurt or cereal with milk and I can tell she's itching to get that spoon in her own hand!  For the past couple of months, Vivien's appetite has been bigger than Ryder's!  She eats as much and occasionally more than he does.  She has been wolfing down pancakes and potatoes, plus all the clementines I will give her.

Vivien has a few words down pat now and is making new babbling sounds all the time.  She clearly says "mama" and "dada," as well as "bye-bye" and "all done."  Every morning when I leave her at my mom's she says "bye-bye" to me; once she sees me near the door she says it, sometimes even before I say "bye."  We're pretty sure that she is also saying "cat" and "no" now too. Mostly she says "no" to Ryder when he is pushing her or grabbing things from her- its pretty funny.

She is a super speedy crawler now, but she is ready to walk, even if her legs aren't quite there yet. She loves walking holding onto things or someone's hands and has just started trying to stand up on her own.  She has pushed herself up and away from things and been upright for a couple of seconds so far.

She and Ryder both have been very busy playing with all the new toys that they got for Christmas.  She loves all the musical toys and she really loves to play with whatever Ryder is playing with, not that he always appreciates that.  She still likes to be held a lot, especially if she's sick, hungry or tired, but she is usually happy to play on her own with her toys and Ryder for much longer now.

Much to everyone's relief, Vivien now sleeps through the night almost every night!  She goes to be between 6;30 and 7pm and sleeps 12 straight hours or until I wake her up.  She goes down to bed very nicely now with almost no crying and has settled into a 2 nap a day schedule with almost no crying then either.  We are all very happy to be getting more sleep!

Playing the triangle!

What a happy baby!

Oops, Ryder left his snack out and now Vivi is going to eat it!

Hey Mom, I lost a shoe!

Crawling around

Silly surprised face!

Ryder coaxed this beautiful smile out of her!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

33 months!

This month was all about getting hyped up for Christmas and boy did it work!  The first day of December we started a Christmas Countdown calendar.  Each day Ryder glued a cotton ball onto Santa's beard and chose a Rudolph sticker to put up on his calendar and he got to take down a bag with a treat in it.  The first treat was a little bag of M&M's.  Ryder was soooo excited and then he kept saying "Santa is so nice!"  He got some candy, some hot cocoa, some popcorn (which he got to eat while watching a Santa movie) and some truck stamps.  They were all huge hits!

While doing this calendar with him, I discovered that he basically can recognize all of the numbers 0-9.  If I showed him the number, he could find it on Santa's beard or if I told him the number (for example, 17 is a 1 and a 7) he could also find it.

He helped with the decorating this year too.  He got to hang up all of the non-breakable items on the tree, which resulted in 4 snowflakes hanging on one branch, in one instance!  It was so cute.  He loves all of the Christmas lights and always asked for them to be turned on.  There is a road near us with loads of outside lights and he loves driving down it.  The second time we went he was literally exclaiming "Woohoo!" as we went and describing all of the things he was seeing.

Vivi's first birthday was this month and Ryder now totally understands what birthday parties are and was all about the cake!  He basically could not wait for the cake and asked almost constantly throughout the day.  He was also into her presents and has enjoyed the fact that she is very good at sharing!

His talking has continued to improve.  He talks a lot and I can almost always understand him.  He is starting to use adverbs more now: better, deeper, faster, higher, etc...  His sentences are definitely much more sophisticated than they were a couple of months ago.  Not bad for a boy who only knew a few dozen words at his second birthday!  His verbal skills have basically been snowballing since this summer.

He was very into stirring his hot cocoa today

No smile, but see that hot cocoa mustache?

"Cheese!" with a hot cocoa mustache

Always willing to ham for the camera if it involves jumpng

He stuck the landing ;)

"OK mom, no more photos!"

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

1 Year!

And just like that Vivien was one year old.  No more counting milestones in months.  My baby is barely even a baby anymore!

Vivien is back to sleeping through the night most nights, but she still wakes up once or twice a week and needs comfort.  We try to let her cry it out at night, but there are limits to how much baby crying I can take without caving.  Since she has been known to cry for an hour straight, those limits are tested often!  She wakes up between 5 and 6 relatively frequently and wants some company.  I am happy to have her come sleep with us until its time to get up but she wants to be attached to me so it's a little tricky.  She falls back to sleep and is ready to get up for the day around 7.

She is a pretty good eater still.  She's really into feeding herself and loves anything that she can grab and shove into her mouth.  Since it's citrus season now, she has been enjoying clementines most days.  She can eat 2 at a time, easily.  She also found out that she likes pasta this month.  Spaghetti and meatballs, which we make all the time because Ryder love it so much, was a huge hit.  She has been drinking a little bit more volume from the bottle, so it's time to get her to drink milk from it instead of just water.  She has been so stubborn about this bottle thing, so it's hard to say how that will go!

She now is strictly crawling on her knees and she is quite quick.  She has really begun to prefer walking along things and it's sometimes hard to get her to sit because she wants to stand up holding something.  Janda and I got her a walking toy for her birthday and she spent the day going back and forth across the living room.  Although she hasn't seemed too interested lately, she did climb about halfway up the stairs one day.

Vivien is making a lot more sounds, sounds that resemble words.  She clearly says mama and dada.  She can copy other words like all done and hi, but I'm not sure if she knows what they mean.  She has been waving for a while now too.

She loves playing and having fun.  She will play with her toys and entertain herself now, although that leads to some disputes over who should be playing with what, as Ryder has definite opinions on that!  She discovered Ryder's play tunnels and really loves them.  Ryder also taught her all about the chalkboard one day and she loves to go stand next to it and make chalk marks or finger marks and she even tries to erase the board.

A big smile

She sat still for only one second!

Reading her new book

She loves the chalkboard

And pushing her new toy

She matches the tunnel!

Friday, December 4, 2015

32 months!

Two thirds of the year towards three is already done!  Ryder is growing up so quickly!

Ryder has been having a hard time getting going in the morning lately. He sleeps in until 8 on the weekends and I have to get him up at 6:30 on schooldays, so I guess he really does need that extra sleep.  Luckily he goes to my mom's, so I can carry him out the the car in his PJs and then he can eat breakfast over there!

He is still super active, even though we are somewhat cooped up in the house with the early sunsets.  He loves to run around and ride his bike outside whenever we get the chance, but he also loves to do those things inside!  All afternoon and evening it seems like he is jumping.  We have the run and jump, the jump onto the couch and the constant hopping.  Sometimes he just can't contain it!  He is doing very well on his push bike, riding down hills, pushing it up and over rocks, going over ramps and doing endos.  Most of the time when he crashes, which occasionally involves going over the handlebars, he laughs and yells "Endo!"

He has been way into reading lately and sits for longer books now.  He knows a lot of the lines from his favorite books, but only says them on rare occasion.  He knows quite a few more songs now.  The funniest is the "Bus on the driver," otherwise known as the Wheels on the bus.  

Ryder can put on a lot of his own clothes now.  Pants and shoes he has down, socks work out sometimes and the hat gets on, but usually askance a bit!  He also likes to zip up his own PJ's and doesn't need much help to get them going.

Trucks are still Number 1 around here, closely followed by fixing things.  The day that we saw an excavator on a flatbed and a tow truck towing two mail trucks might have been the best day of his life.  He was ecstatic all the way to my mom's!
Semi sitting still

A smile ;)

Not sure about this photo shoot

What a cutie

Sitting up nicely in the purple chair

11 months!

Time is flying by and it is hard to believe that Vivien will be a year old soon!

The road back to a full night's sleep after her ear infection has been slow!  She has still been waking up twice a night quite frequently.  Waking up in the morning and realizing that we didn't get out of bed overnight is still a surprise and not a usual occurrence.  Hopefully she gets back there soon and doesn't do this every time she gets sick.  Her naps have been getting better, especially at my mom's, where her crib is more secluded and quiet.

Vivien really prefers finger foods now.  With the exception of baby cereal and yogurt, everything is finger food now.  I've been roasting fruits and vegetables and giving her small bite size pieces, which she chows down!  She has been known to eat an entire sweet potato!  She has started drinking a little bit more from a bottle, emphasis on the little.  When you offer her the water, she sucks down a few thirsty gulps and then is done for a while.  It's an improvement, but not by much.

She has started to crawl on her knees now, instead of strictly the Marine crawl that she had been doing.  Mostly she does it on the carpet where she gets better traction.  She really would like to get up the stairs, but she hasn't gotten past the first step yet.  

No words yet, just sounds, but she likes to mimic people.  If you make a noise, she will try to imitate it and will do so over and over.  She has a couple of top teeth poking through, so pretty soon they will be making their appearance.

She loves to play next to Ryder and to play with whatever he is playing with, which doesn't always go over so well.  In general though, he is very good with her and very concerned about her doing things right.  He will run over and slam the gate in her face if he sees her trying to sneak into the kitchen!  She is also okay playing on her own at this point too.  If she is left in the living room, she crawls all over investigating things and finding things to play with.
Always smiling!

She's getting good at posing too!

She loves her Ducky friend

She sees something interesting

Just standing, no big deal

Crawling over to check something out

Oh yeah, the bottle is fun, just not to drink from!!!

Monday, October 26, 2015

31 months!

Ryder is still very happy to be going over to his Meme's everyday and gets very excited to see his cousin Emma every morning, but sometimes it can be a little be tough getting him going and out of the house.  He `is starting to express firm opinions on practically everything from breakfast to footwear and is not so easily dissuaded as he was when he was younger.  Nothing like a last minute batch of pancakes to slow us down!

This month Ryder and Vivien got a swingset from some friends of the family who are moving and Ryder has been all about swinging every day!  He also got to help build some of it, which was heaven for him since he is always going around fixing everything.  As Bob the Builder says: "Can we fix it?   Yes we can!"  He is almost as into building and fixing now as he is into trucks.  Almost.  He has learned some new trucks this month, which is hard to believe considering how many he already knew!  In addition to all those, he now points out flatbed trucks and pickup trucks on our morning commute.  Nothing excites him quite as much as the concrete truck, though.

His drawing skills continue to improve also.  He has been drawing trucks with cabs and wheels for a while now, but he is also including the shovels and cranes, etc... too.  Give him a piece of paper and a few minutes and it will be covered in trucks.  I got some stampers for school this past month and he has really been enjoying stamping smiley faces on all of his papers too.

Ryder has figured out that you catch more flies with honey and now asks for things very nicely.  It is hysterical and adorable to listen to him ask "Please can I..." in the sweetest voice.  He has also caught onto delay tactics, especially around bedtime.  I usually read him some books after I put Vivien to bed and we have "Just one more" and "Last one" several times!

He has learned to count a bit higher now too.  He could count to three and when counting over three, he would just start over.  Now he can count to at least eight and can hold up one or two fingers.  He has also started really learning some song lyrics, most notably "Happy Birthday!"

Usually has a big smile on his face

Giggling with Daddy

Being a goofball

Always jumping on something!!

Now there's that sweet face