Friday, April 11, 2014

Gettin' mobile

Somebody developed a brand new skill this week!  Sorry it's portrait!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Birthday Party!

We had a little family party for Ryder's big day.  He had a lot of fun with the guests, got some great presents and of course had his first cake!

He didn't actually eat much cake!

Playing with one of his presents

Our present to Ryder, a push bike

Thursday, March 27, 2014

12 Months Old!

One year ago Janda and I were very surprised to be heading to the hospital at 1am to have a baby- 6 and a half weeks early! Now we are surprised on a daily basis by all the new things that our little guy is learning to do!

This month Ryder’s two bottom teeth came all the way up and boy can he bite with them now! No other teeth have appeared yet, although we can see the roots of some top ones.

Sleeping is still going great. Once in a while he’ll fuss overnight, but mostly once he goes to sleep, he’s asleep. The major hiccup this month was Daylight Savings Time. On Saturday he went to be a little before 6pm. Sunday and Monday were both around 7:30pm. We have gotten the bedtime back down so he can get his full night of sleep before we get him up to leave in the morning, thank goodness.

He has been eating tons this month. We have been eating lots of waffles with fruit in them, scrambled eggs and some peanut butter sandwiches. He also switched over to whole milk this month and seems to like it. Anything that we are eating or drinking, he wants to try some. He has gotten very good at chewing the food with his gums, so anything in small pieces works great.

Ryder can now kneel up on his own and stand up on his own also. A few times he has hopped while standing, which is adorable. He hasn't tried to take any steps yet, but he walks very well holding our hands or furniture, so I’m sure that’s coming soon.

He is playing much more with his toys. He now takes things out of his toy box when he wants a new toy. He has also learned to put things inside each other, like nesting cups. He likes to climb on top of us while we’re on the floor and he loves to play with the motorcycle helmets, especially when they’re on our heads. He prefers to be in the same place that we are hanging out, but he plays well on his own now and can entertain himself for a few minutes. Of course, when he is too
quiet we have to run and see what he’s eating that he shouldn't be!

No words yet, but he understands more and more directions. He is starting to imitate a lot more. If you make funny sounds, he will make them too. He just learned to make raspberries, so he will imitate us doing it and then laugh hysterically.

This was the closest I came to getting a picture where he was sitting up and looking at me.

He sure has a cute smile.

He can stand up on his own.

This photo session was insane.  He wouldn't give up his props.

And he was doing some sort of yoga.

Or maybe gymnastics?

Monday, February 24, 2014

11 months old!

February 2014

Another month has flown by and we are fast approaching Ryder's first birthday.  Hard to believe that he has been here so long- it seems like just yesterday that I was hugely pregnant, waiting for him to arrive.  Time flies when you're having fun!

This month's big news was bottom teeth!  The first one showed up at the beginning of the month and another one popped up last week.  They are coming in slowly, but they are here.  I am going to miss that cute, toothless grin of my newborn baby.

Ryder has been sleeping through the night for quite a while now, but he would often cry during the night while sleeping and wake me up.  I would turn him over, cuddle him with his friends and put on the music and he would not even open an eye.  The past couple of weeks I haven't even been waking up at all- very exciting!  He still sleeps at least 12 hours overnight and naps are still haphazard!  Some days you get 20 minutes and others 90+.

This past week he had his first big cold.  His nose has been very runny and he developed quite a little cough.  He took it like a champ though, never stopped smiling for long and not much complaining.  Unless of course we tried to wipe away the river flowing from his nose- then he let us know how he felt.  The cold also seemed to kill his appetite; he skipped several meals.

He has been eating more this month.  I have been making him scrambled eggs and buckwheat waffles, both big hits, and he has had his fair share of broccoli soup and clam chowder.  He always wants what is on my plate, so as long as it isn't spicy, he gets a bit.  He has also started getting water in a sippy cup, which is an adventure for both of us.

He hasn't quite started walking yet, but he never stops standing against things, walking around the furniture and finding things that he can move and push around the house.  He has really refined his wire pulling skills and it isn't as easy to hide things that he wants anymore.  He is really playing with toys now and will get his own toys out of the toy bucket.  He loves chasing and pushing his cars, knocking over anything and he is starting to put things inside other things.

There still aren't any definite words that we can recognize yet, but he never stops making noises and understands us well.  He recognizes mommy, daddy, kitty, kisses, up, more, and no, to name a few.  When we start talking about kisses, he will plant a few wet ones on our faces. 

Always having fun. 

Serious face.

There are those teeth!

A lot of my photos look like this!  Mummy has something, I want it!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

10 months old!

January 2014

Ryder enjoyed his first Christmas- of course, he had no idea what was going on, but he certainly had fun visiting everybody. He is having lots of fun with his new toys and he got almost a complete 12 month wardrobe, which is good because the 9 month clothes are quickly being outgrown.  9 month pajamas are out and the onesies are on their way!  Pants seem to last longer, he must have my short legs.

He had his 9 month checkup and according to the growth charts at least, he has caught up in size. After being 5 1/2 weeks early (although huge for that premie-ness) and having no food/surgery the first week of life, he was very slow to grow for the first few months.  Finally at 6 months he went from being under the 10th percentile to the 30th or so.  Now he was in the 90th percentile!  I'd say he is doing well- which is a great relief to us of course.

He is still obliging us with a great sleep schedule.  Bed around 5:30, up around 6:30.  Naps are still dicey though.  Over our vacation he slept 15 straight hours one night!  He still fusses a little at night, but I don't have to get up much, rarely more than once a night.  We've gone a bit backwards with the food.  His very bad diaper rash returned, so I have limited his diet to 3-4 foods the past couple of weeks.  I'm ready to start expanding again and on the look out for trouble foods.

H has been extremely active this month.  He crawls everywhere at top speed now.  He will play hide and seek, chase a ball around and push his cars across the room.  He learned how to stand up on Christmas Eve and has been wreaking havoc ever since.  Anything on any table goes straight in the mouth!  He has stood up on his own and balanced for a few seconds, so far.  He also walks around pushing things now; it won't be long before he is walking.

He definitely knows his name now, as well as a few other words.  So far, no words from him, but he babbles lots of sounds, as well as many different yells, grunts and squeals.  He is very rarely quiet and if he is, you can be sure he has something he shouldn't in his mouth.

He sat up nice and straight!

A smile is never hard to get

Standing up on his own!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

9 Months!

December 2013

Ryder's first Thanksgiving was a big success- he got to eat dinner with everybody!  He had mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and a little turkey, all of which he seemed to enjoy.  He is having a little more variety in his day to day meals too, although not as much as I  had figured, since I make dinner after he goes to bed.  He has had turkey and ham and now he can have some breads, so he's had pumpkin bread and some O cereals.  He practices with his spoon every day, so someday I will trust him with food on it- all he can have now is cereal that sticks to the spoon.

He is a crawling machine and cruises around the house at top speed now.  He is interested in everything, so he is always taking off after something; a noise he heard, some light he sees or a cat. The cats are onto him though, and go in the other direction the minute they see him coming to hug and kiss them.  He can scoot back into a sitting position now too.

Sometime this past month, Ryder decided his bedtime should be around 5:30 and on weekends/vacations when I don't have to get him up, he will sleep 14 hours!  He still stirs in the night, but doesn't really wake up unless something is really bothering him.  The universe is making up for the fact that he almost never slept more than 90 minutes for the first month or so home.

He is making a lot more noises now.  He is still saying lots of consonant sounds, dada, mama, etc... and he also babbles to himself when he is playing or in his crib.  He intermittently responds to his name and usually responds to 'kitty."  In fact if you ask him "where is... " he will find the baby, the kitty and daddy pretty consistently.  

Oh you want me to sit up and take a picture?  I hope you have something to keep me entertained!

 Why yes, this snowman tastes delicious!

Sorry Mom, me and the snowman have gotta go.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

8 Months!

November 2013

Another month has passed in a blur of working full-time, laundry, dinners, hugs and kisses.  It seems like I finish the dishes just in time to go to bed each day!  Despite the busy-ness, Ryder keeps growing and doing new things- no slowing him down!

Ryder is still sleeping well, he wakes me up but he doesn't wake up himself much.  He's still pretty good at falling asleep at night, but he doesn't much like naps unless he's really really really tired. Otherwise he seems to do 20-30 minutes quickies.

He's eating more foods, we added some cereals and baby wafers.  This month he gets to eat table food, so the variety will increase a lot.  He really loves the oatmeal and scarfs it down. 

He loves to play with his toys now, but he really loves to play with things that aren't toys: papers, stuff he finds around and most of all the phones/computers.  Perfect!  He goes crazy in his jumper now- bouncing up and down like a mad man.  He can sit up perfectly and can push himself up without too much problem.  He also started crawling- taking a couple of steps first and then quickly moving to take over the house.  Big doings around here!  As usual he is all smiles and enjoys (almost) everything.

He looks like he's sitting up, but he's on the move.

Got into the position, tongue hanging out.

On the move!

He went from these few steps to owning the downstairs!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

7 Months!

October 2013

I don't know how it's happened, but another month has gone by!  Ryder keeps getting bigger and bigger, right before our eyes.  He is making progress by leaps and bounds and it seems like every day he is doing something new and exciting.

At 6 months (ish) Ryder moved into his own bedroom and that was a smooth transition.  I am definitely waking up less each night, some nights it's even zero times!  Love those nights.  He seems to have no trouble falling asleep in his new room, so that's helpful.  Until he moved into his own room, we let him sleep downstairs with us until we were ready to go to bed.  Now he just rolls over, hugs his friends and listen to his seahorse play him music til he falls asleep most nights.

He also started solid foods at 6 months.  It took him about 4 tries over the course of a school week to get the hang of it, but the fourth time we fed him sweet potatoes he gobbled it down.  We have added apples, pears and peas.  Ryder is still unsure of the peas!  He gets some fruit/veggies for breakfast and for dinner so far.

Ryder has nearly mastered sitting up, with only the occasional fall forward.  Now he can sit up and play while we take care of things around the house.  He can now creep backwards in addition to turning himself every which way.  This past week he has started getting up onto his knees and rocking back and forth, so crawling should be coming soon.  He can pick up his binky and pop it into his mouth no problem, as well as hold his small bottles to feed himself.  He has way more manual dexterity and wants to touch and grab everything he can and pop it into his mouth.  He smiles so much and is interested in everything; it's so much fun!

Sitting straight up!

Trying to eat his ball

Oh those feet are interesting