Sunday, December 9, 2012

5 Month Whirlwind

In August we demolished.

In September we reconstructed.

In October we painted inside.

In November we painted outside.

In December, we decorate!

Stripped to the bone.

Fortifying and insulating. 

New drywall.

Primed and ready to go.

Oops.  That color was a misstep.

New, lighter colors in living room and kitchen.

New seating area next to fireplace.

A real dining room.

A more open concept.

New windows and shades throughout.

Bigger and bigger

Every day I feel bigger and bigger.  And this time it's not in my head!

 About 2 weeks ago.  Gotta take some more photos, I'm getting bigger by the minute.

The first two outfits for our boy!