Thursday, March 27, 2014

12 Months Old!

One year ago Janda and I were very surprised to be heading to the hospital at 1am to have a baby- 6 and a half weeks early! Now we are surprised on a daily basis by all the new things that our little guy is learning to do!

This month Ryder’s two bottom teeth came all the way up and boy can he bite with them now! No other teeth have appeared yet, although we can see the roots of some top ones.

Sleeping is still going great. Once in a while he’ll fuss overnight, but mostly once he goes to sleep, he’s asleep. The major hiccup this month was Daylight Savings Time. On Saturday he went to be a little before 6pm. Sunday and Monday were both around 7:30pm. We have gotten the bedtime back down so he can get his full night of sleep before we get him up to leave in the morning, thank goodness.

He has been eating tons this month. We have been eating lots of waffles with fruit in them, scrambled eggs and some peanut butter sandwiches. He also switched over to whole milk this month and seems to like it. Anything that we are eating or drinking, he wants to try some. He has gotten very good at chewing the food with his gums, so anything in small pieces works great.

Ryder can now kneel up on his own and stand up on his own also. A few times he has hopped while standing, which is adorable. He hasn't tried to take any steps yet, but he walks very well holding our hands or furniture, so I’m sure that’s coming soon.

He is playing much more with his toys. He now takes things out of his toy box when he wants a new toy. He has also learned to put things inside each other, like nesting cups. He likes to climb on top of us while we’re on the floor and he loves to play with the motorcycle helmets, especially when they’re on our heads. He prefers to be in the same place that we are hanging out, but he plays well on his own now and can entertain himself for a few minutes. Of course, when he is too
quiet we have to run and see what he’s eating that he shouldn't be!

No words yet, but he understands more and more directions. He is starting to imitate a lot more. If you make funny sounds, he will make them too. He just learned to make raspberries, so he will imitate us doing it and then laugh hysterically.

This was the closest I came to getting a picture where he was sitting up and looking at me.

He sure has a cute smile.

He can stand up on his own.

This photo session was insane.  He wouldn't give up his props.

And he was doing some sort of yoga.

Or maybe gymnastics?