Monday, June 28, 2010

Fiesta Forever

It was Fiesta weekend in Gloucester and we enjoyed it. We had 3 cook-outs, watched the greasy pole twice, saw most of the fireworks and of course, shared a fried dough!

I totally agree, those announcers are too loud!

Playing on the beach

Falling off the pole


Friday, June 25, 2010


Last night between rain storms I went down to Fiesta. This year the Ferris Wheel is right on the beach, so I wish that it had been a little lighter out to see the view better. We got off just as it started raining again and managed to mostly stay out of the downpour that ensued!

Me on the Ferris wheel

Fiesta with downtown and City Hall in the background

Fried dough, the best part of Fiesta

View of the Ferris wheel while walking back to the car on the Boulevard

Sunsets on the River

It seems like every night we have a spectacular sunset to watch on the river.

Earlier this month after a storm

This weekend

Last moments of sun Sunday night

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Outdoor work

Not too much has been going on inside the house, but big doings outside.

Our raspberries are ripening.

The vegetable and flower seeds that I planted over the past couple of weeks are sprouting.

The front and side of the house are being resided.

Friday, June 4, 2010

New Projects

I have lots of supplies for lots of new projects, but for one reason or another, I've been waiting to start them. I finally found one that needed no waiting: Reusable Fabric "Paper" Towels. I made a batch of six of these last week for light cleaning, i.e. nothing red: like wine, spaghetti sauce or cat throw-up and definitely no bike grease. They should be good for most other things- dusting, wiping up non-red liquids, etc...

This was super easy (although not quick b/c my machine is cheap and therefore apparently finicky) and I could've gotten them done in one sitting had I wanted to. You just cut rectangles out of quilters flannel and terry cloth, sew 3.5 sides together, flip and then top-stitch around the whole thing. Voila, reusable fabric "paper" towels. I read about people making these to use less actual paper towels, but I don't think that I will use less because I only use paper towels for the previously mentioned things. I'd say that a roll of paper towels lasts a couple months around here. But, now I won't have to go searching for crappy old t-shirts to rip up next time I want to dust.

A batch of 6

Backed with cream terry cloth- thus the ban on red!