Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sunset Picnic

Tonight we had a sunset picnic at Plum Cove Beach.  Ryder's first picnic!

It was almost sunset when we arrived.

Our picnic set-up

Day is done

Gone the sun

 Even after sunset, the colors are beautiful

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Halfway There

I decided to take a look back at my New Year's Goals and see how I've been doing!

        1.  Have a baby!  Did it!

        2.  Do everyday chores everyday- Mostly doing this - it's harder with the baby, but I'm doing a good job not letting everything go to hell, so that's a win, right?

        3.  Stick to a better schedule for the large cleaning jobs. Not so much

        4.  Actually finish projects. I have finished every project I started since January, except Ryder's nursery which really isn't a hobby, so I'm going to say this is a total win.

        5.  Stop accruing endless amounts of fabric.  Fail! in my defense, I can't sew much right now because I haven't lost all of the baby weight, but don't worry- I've got plans for it all.  Also, all of my post-pregnancy sewing has been stashbusting!

        6.  Knit something. Nope, but I have looked at knitting patterns, so that's a step in the right direction.

        7.  Take more photographs.  Ryder has helped out with this goal. :)  Not quite what I meant of course, but it'll do.

        8. Workout more consistently during pregnancy.  A little bit.

        9.  Stick to planned workout routine after pregnancy and run a race this summer.  No because my knee hurts.  I'm starting a non-running routine this month since it's become clear I won't be running much til I clear up the knee problem.

        10. Fit into my normal work clothes when I go back to school in the fall.  We'll see in September!

        11. Plan my vegetables better- Excellent planning this year, but poor execution.  Ryder was born the week I was supposed to start everything.

        12. Can more tomatoes!  Bread and butter pickles were a big hit too.  Pickles this week, we'll see about the tomatoes in September.

        13. Fill in more permanent landscaping in the flower gardens- especially trees and bushes.  We're looking at a new picket fence, some hydrangeas and rhododendrons and a magnolia tree.  Fence is in, bushes and trees will probably be next year.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A New Bag!

I have made a few post-pregnancy summer items, but it's hard to get any pictures taken when you're wrangling a 4 month old.  Hopefully soon!

Meanwhile I also made a new bag for work.  I have been using a velvet bag from the Gap that I like very much, but the straps are falling apart and it's just a tiny bit too small.  The new bag is bigger, has 2 interior sections, more external pockets and it is the best colors!

2 slim pockets on the front and 2 elasticized pockets on the sides.  The straps are long enough to fit over my winter coat, which is always a problem.

On the inside I made a wall to create 2 compartments, since I carry a laptop.  I also made skinny ties to hold the bag somewhat closed in the rain and other inclement weather.

I got the three fabrics from Hawthorne fabrics and just love them.  I got a yard of each, so I have plenty of leftover.  I'm thinking a collection of matching storage bags- a zippered bag, a Nook cover, and whatever else I can eek out!


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Staking my claim!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer fun!

It's been too hot or too rainy to do much outside around here.  Mostly we've been trying to keep Ryder cool and dry.  Not easy.  Last week it was in the upper 80's in the house even with an air conditioner in the kitchen.

Beach time!  Ryder still doesn't love the river, but he did swim in a pool.  
Watching Daddy swim.

 Daddy and baby on the beach

Having fun at the beach

Janda and Emma shucking clams

Nap time!


Shopping with Auntie

Monday, July 22, 2013

4 months!

July 2013

I can't believe Ryder is 4 months old already!  He is getting so big so fast and unfortunately that back to work date is coming up fast too!

It's pretty obvious that Ryder has healed up from his surgery and is now just focusing on getting bigger.  At the 2 month checkup he was in the 5th-10th percentile for weight and length and at the  4 month checkup he was in 25th-50th percentile! He has grown 6 inches in length and has more than doubled his birth weight- in other words he now looks like a chubby little baby with rolls.

We are definitely in a sleep routine now.  He falls asleep around 9pm and then wakes up around 5am.  After first breakfast, he goes back to sleep for another couple of hours.  During the day he takes cat naps after most of his feedings and at least one long nap, sometimes two.  Life is so much better when everyone is sleeping!

Ryder is getting very strong, too strong sometimes!  He has been kicking the side of his bassinet off and then wiggling his legs out of the bassinet and kicking me at night!  Needless to say, we knew it was time to set up the crib.  Now he can move as much as he wants without half wiggling out of his bed.  He can lift up and hold his chest up very well now.  He is constantly trying to sit up and if we hold his hands he can sit up pretty easily.  Standing up and walking around while someone is holding him is his new favorite activity.

He definitely recognizes his parents and gives us extra big smiles.  He also smiles at the baby in the mirror!  He is fussy when he is tired or when his tummy is upset, but other than that he is a very smiley baby.  He smiles and laughs all the time and loves to play little games like "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "This Little Piggy."

Trying to sit up

Being cute

Sort of smiling

Monday, July 1, 2013

Beach Baby

When it was really hot last week, Janda and I took the little man to our little beach in the evening.  He didn't seem to know what to make of it- he kept taking one foot or the other out of the water.
Walking down

Baby and Daddy

One foot at a time

Not so bad (next time we dipped his feet in he cried!)