Sunday, September 12, 2010

On the Road

This morning the sunrise was beautiful as we headed up to Pumpkinman. No time to stop, so I snapped these as we whizzed by!

Camping on Thatcher Island

Last weekend Janda and I kayaked out to Thatcher Island and camped there overnight. Though we have lived in Gloucester out whole lives, neither of us had ever been on Thatcher Island; in fact we didn't even know that you could go out there until last year. It was only about a 12 minute paddle and then we landed on the boat ramp, hauled up our kayaks and set up camp right on the edge of the island.

At the top of the boat ramp

Our kayaks (the red ones)

The path to our campsite

The view from our campsite

We hiked around for an hour or so and then made dinner and watched the sun set. After dinner we watched the stars come out and then hit the hay in our tent. We got up before dawn to watch the sunrise over the ocean and then we went back to the tent for a nap!

Path to the North Tower

View of the South Tower from the top of the North

On the path along the water

Janda at the campsite

Sunset over Rockport

As the sun sets

Just after sunset

Sunrise over the ocean

After that we packed up the camp and hiked around a little more before we paddled back to Rockport. It was a fun getaway that was too far away!

Hiking on the rocks

Hiking on the rocks