Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pow wow Triathlon

Another weekend, another triathlon. Luckily this time the weather was nice so everybody could enjoy the day. We headed up to Amesbury yesterday to do a local sprint race and had a nice morning outside at a little beach- first time at a beach all summer for me!

Waiting for the start

Janda did an awesome job on the swim, he was 4th out of the water in his wave and 5th overall! He's definitely made some big improvements this year with his new swim group.

Coming out of the water

Heading out on the bike

He was a little bit further back on the bike than usual (although he was still 2nd fastest behind Dean) and then had a good run, as always. Dean took the win this time, with Janda about a minute behind.

Going out on the run

Afterwards we hung out at the little beach, had some lunch and then Janda rode home while I went grovery shopping. If you've ever been to Market Basket on a weekend, you know that Janda had the easier task!

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