Monday, August 10, 2009

The Gloucester Tri

The past couple of weeks have been totally focused on the Gloucester Tri that Janda started this year. It's been pretty hectic with meetings, group rides, volunteer meetings, setup and course marking! Thank goodness we had good weather yesterday b/c the whole thing was awesome. It was really cool to see a triathlon happen in Gloucester and I think that the course, the racers and the spectators made it unbelievable. Congratulations Janda for bringing your idea to fruition!

Plus a lot of our friends and many of Janda's athletes did the race and ended up on the podium-so it was a good day all around!

Setting up transition

The finish line first thing in the morning

Janda in work mode (and April ready to swim)

The athletes getting ready in transition at St. Peter's Square

The swimmers heading down Beach Court to Pavilion Beach

A view of the swim start on Pavilion Beach from the Boulevard

The novice triathetes (many Gloucester residents!) hitting the Boulevard on the bike

The spectators between the finish and transition on Main and Washington Streets

The finish area on Main Street

Transition after the race

Janda's speech after the race- he's getting really good at this!

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Anonymous said...

Here are links to all the coverage of the Gloucester Tri-

Feel free to pass the link along to Janda or anyone else who might be interested. I think we covered the race pretty well.

Great job to Janda, Bill and everyone else involved!