Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Clamming in winter

Well, it's been a long break since I posted anything, but things are settling down around here and the long crazy winter has ended, so maybe I'll have more things to post about.

Janda and I went clamming with our friends Julie and Beth on the last full day of winter, Saturday. It was also the evening of the supermoon- but we missed it. Janda and I were out clamming on the river on Friday night and the moon seemed big but not "super."

Despite being the end of winter, both days were lovely, especially Friday, when the temperatures in Gloucester hit the 70's! On Saturday afternoon, we headed out to the super secret surf clam spot and helped Janda dig clams.

Janda pulling those surf clams out


Digging away

Beth off in the distance

Janda with the harvest

We got a ton- it only took 45 minutes at the most to fill a bucket and a bag. Then of course, the shucking took place. 45 minutes of digging, 90 minutes of shucking. While the shuckers shucked, others of us made and ate guacamole and also some yummy cheeses and some gifted organic fruit. Finally the steamers from Friday were steamed and the surf clams were shucked, divvied up and fried. It was a pretty good feast for the clam lovers. I'm not one of them, but I did indulge in a few pieces of fried clam. They came out great. The good news for the clam lovers is that everyone still has enough left for chowder.

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