Sunday, January 29, 2012

Progress Report

Well, my goal of sewing those 8 items over the winter may actually come true. Well, it might if I can ever get out of my truly rotten habit of finishing everything but the handsewing on a project and then leaving it in my closet unfinished forever-ish.

Where I'm at:
Vogue 8594 Made the muslin (ie the lining) and it needs to be re-fitted- annoying.

Vogue 8685 This one is almost done- but it is tight!! I can let out the seams a little and hopefully that will do the trick. I love the fabric and everything except the skin-tightness.

Simplicity 2648 Just need to tack down the sleeve facings and hem.

Simplicity 2146 This is my favorite one- haven't started yet though.

Burda 7531 This one is almost done, just needs a hem.

Butterick 5249 This one is now off the list. I'll come back to it at a later date- it's cute.

Simplicity 3775 This one's almost done, just the handsewing left.

New Look 6909 I made this one before and love it, but I forgot that I shortened the side seams at the hips and didn't do it on the muslin (ie the lining). I have to let the sides out and also, the sleeves are tight!!! I have to figure something out for the long sleeves.

Vogue 8675, Simplicity 3775, Simplicity 2648

Lining/muslin Vogue 8594 and New Look 6909

Close-up of knit dress Simplicity 3775- my first knit!

Close-up of the knit fabric for Vogue 8685- love this fabric! Needs to be let out. :(

View from my sewing room window- you can see how lovely the water has looked this winter. (Ignore our fence-we're replacing it this spring!)

You might have noticed that all of my linings are the same. There are 3 linings made up in the pictures and 2 others that I made this fall. I bought 5 yards of the pink fabric on super sale at and I think that it will make one or two more linings! Plus I have the added bonus of an exciting inside to all of my clothes.

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Anonymous said...

Love your projects. You have done a great job. Can't wait to see you modeling them. Mom