Sunday, June 23, 2013

Against All Odds

Against all odds my fruit and vegetable gardens are doing pretty well this year.  In terms of reaching my goal of buying very little produce from the grocery store year round, the gardens are not doing well.  But in the context of "I had a baby during the planting season," they are doing great.  I had to give in and buy most of my tropicals from the local garden center, but for the most part, I'm happy.  I don't have nearly enough of anything for my goal, but I will have a little bit of everything (except zucchini- oops!)  Considering that caring for my gardens and preparing the harvest takes an average of an hour a day, this is the best I can do this year!

The raspberries are starting to turn red! 

The green bean plants are flowering

1 tiny tomato so far

The vegetable boxes are filling out

The flowers in the strawberry patch are blooming

 Poppies and bachelor buttons are my favorite combination

The strawberry plants are still producing well.  I've been getting a bowlful every other day for the past couple of weeks.  Some are snacks, some are breakfast and some are dessert!  I'll be sad the day I pick the last one.  At least the raspberries will be ripening up then.

I bought Special K just to have something to put the strawberries on

A strawberry-rhubarb coffee cake- delicious!

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