Thursday, August 22, 2013

5 months old!

August 2013

Well, another month has flown by!  Unfortunately Janda and I have to go back to school next week, so I will no longer be spending all my days with Ryder.  :(

This month we moved Ryder into his crib and that upset his sleep routine a bit!  He is still falling asleep pretty well, but he has been waking up a bit at night.  So far putting a little light on and finding him his binky takes care of it.  Sometime soon (or not!) he'll be moving into his own room, and we'll see if that disrupts his sleep routine again!

He is sitting up more, not quite on his own yet, but he's getting there.  He sits up in the corner of the couch and plays with his toys for a while before he falls to the side and ends up chilling on his stomach.  He learned to roll over reliably this month, but I guess he also learned that he doesn't like it, because he rarely does it anymore.

He is much more into playing now.  He laughs and giggles when Janda and I play games with him, but he can also entertain himself.  He rolls around on the floor and makes noises and giggles to himself. He grabs anything within arms reach and pulls it onto his face, which eventually results in panic, although he now realizes that that can be a game too!  He also loves to play with the baby in the mirror.

Of course, he is still getting bigger and bigger.  Pretty soon he'll be holding his own bottles and eating solid foods and before we know it he'll be walking and talking!

I can sit up!

Not for long!

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