Monday, February 24, 2014

11 months old!

February 2014

Another month has flown by and we are fast approaching Ryder's first birthday.  Hard to believe that he has been here so long- it seems like just yesterday that I was hugely pregnant, waiting for him to arrive.  Time flies when you're having fun!

This month's big news was bottom teeth!  The first one showed up at the beginning of the month and another one popped up last week.  They are coming in slowly, but they are here.  I am going to miss that cute, toothless grin of my newborn baby.

Ryder has been sleeping through the night for quite a while now, but he would often cry during the night while sleeping and wake me up.  I would turn him over, cuddle him with his friends and put on the music and he would not even open an eye.  The past couple of weeks I haven't even been waking up at all- very exciting!  He still sleeps at least 12 hours overnight and naps are still haphazard!  Some days you get 20 minutes and others 90+.

This past week he had his first big cold.  His nose has been very runny and he developed quite a little cough.  He took it like a champ though, never stopped smiling for long and not much complaining.  Unless of course we tried to wipe away the river flowing from his nose- then he let us know how he felt.  The cold also seemed to kill his appetite; he skipped several meals.

He has been eating more this month.  I have been making him scrambled eggs and buckwheat waffles, both big hits, and he has had his fair share of broccoli soup and clam chowder.  He always wants what is on my plate, so as long as it isn't spicy, he gets a bit.  He has also started getting water in a sippy cup, which is an adventure for both of us.

He hasn't quite started walking yet, but he never stops standing against things, walking around the furniture and finding things that he can move and push around the house.  He has really refined his wire pulling skills and it isn't as easy to hide things that he wants anymore.  He is really playing with toys now and will get his own toys out of the toy bucket.  He loves chasing and pushing his cars, knocking over anything and he is starting to put things inside other things.

There still aren't any definite words that we can recognize yet, but he never stops making noises and understands us well.  He recognizes mommy, daddy, kitty, kisses, up, more, and no, to name a few.  When we start talking about kisses, he will plant a few wet ones on our faces. 

Always having fun. 

Serious face.

There are those teeth!

A lot of my photos look like this!  Mummy has something, I want it!!!

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