Wednesday, April 30, 2014

13 months!

Ryder had a big month this month- lots and lots of firsts and new things going on here!

Biggest new thing is, of course, walking!  He starting walking one Wednesday and hasn't stopped since.  The first couple of days he did a mixture of walking and crawling, but I would say that after 3 days or so he was all walking.  Now he just crawls to get around things, to be silly or when he's really excited about something.  It is just so darn cute to watch him toddle around.  He is very coordinated, but he still tips over and falls occasionally.

I think that he is firmly established as a sleep through the night baby now; over vacation he was going 12.5-14 hours a night!  Now that he's so active, his appetite seems to be growing too.  He is eating noticeably more food at each meal.  We have found very little that he doesn't like to eat. Lasagna, roasted chicken and gravy, hash, turkey and mushroom meatballs, every fruit; you name it, he'll eat it.  He has started having yogurt this month with his sandwiches at lunch.  Even with all the food he's eating, he still loves his milk- if you don't give him his cup quickly enough after a meal, he'll let you know how he feels!

Still not much going on in the word department, but he is all about the non-verbal communication now.  He points at what he wants, puts his arms up to be picked up and bring us things that he wants us to play with.  He can understand a lot of what we say now and is definitely following more complex directions.  If we ask him to, he can go find his Monkey Friend and bring him to us, even if he can't readily see Monkey Friend.

He absolutely loves all of his different cars.  He will push them around and carry them places, but most of all he loves when we wind them up and send them across the room.  He will gladly go get them and bring them back for another trip many times in a row.  He also loves music and dances when a CD is playing or when one of his PBS shows plays a song.

He also now has his four top teeth coming in, in addition to the two bottom ones that came up a couple of months ago.  They haven't popped through too far yet, but I'm sure they'll be firmly established by the end of this month.  When he kisses us now, we get a real bite!
Getting up

And walking towards mummy (or the camera)

He loves to point at things

Always a smile

Look at that face!

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