Thursday, October 15, 2015

10 months!

This month Vivien got her first real sickness and it has made for a rough month!  Both Ryder and Vivien had a cold a couple of weeks ago, then Vivien developed a mild case of croup and she has been a little bit off ever since.  She has been much fussier and it's been harder to get her to eat and sleep.  At the height of it all she wanted to sleep all night in my arms, while I was standing up!  We had a long few nights and we are looking forward to her return to full health so we can do some serious sleep training.  This illness has taken us back a couple of steps; it feels like we've been awake more than asleep at night lately!

She has been eating a lot more finger foods this month.  Much like her brother and parents, she loves bread!  Thank goodness none of us has Celiac's, we'd be in trouble!  She has had French toast and waffles, melon, O cereals, plus soup.  She seems much pickier than Ryder so far; a lot of times I end up giving her baby cereal because she won't eat more than a few bites of anything else.  At least she's taking those few bites of lots of other things and getting some variety in her diet!

She has been tearing around the house in her Marine crawl style.  She follows us everywhere and gets into everything now.  She has gotten up on her knees and almost crawled countless times, so actual crawling is right around the corner, I'm sure.  Once she had been creeping for a few days, she started scooting back up into a seated position.  She finds a toy she wants and then scoots up to play with it.  At the end of this month she also started standing herself up on things, everything really.

This month I taught her to "give me five."  When I put my hands out, she will hit my hands with hers.  If I say "give me five," she immediately puts her hands out to do it.  If we are doing fives and I take my hands away, she reaches out and pulls them back down to do more fives.  Last month Ryder taught her to clap and she loves doing that with everybody.  The minute anyone starts clapping, she jumps right in!

Despite her illness, Vivien is still a very happy little baby and more often than not has a huge smile on her face.  She is so interested in everything and loves to be in the middle of it all.  She and Ryder interact so much now, it really melts my heart.

Chasing me

Still happy, even when sick

Look mom, I can stand!

I love her smile!

Absolutely happy almost all the time

Look at that pose, she's got the hang of this photo shoot thing ;)

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