Wednesday, July 12, 2017

30 Months!

Vivien is turning into a big girl so quickly.  Sometimes it seems like she is growing up more slowly than Ryder, since at 20 months he got a new little baby sister and all of a sudden seemed grown up; but even though she'll always be our baby she is getting grown up too!

Vivi has always like playing with baby dolls, but she has been playing with hers a lot more lately.  She wants to carry baby around and bring her places with us.  She always seems to have a little blanket to cover baby up with and she likes to hold her while she sits watching tv.  She basically carries baby around in a chokehold around the neck, so it's pretty funny.

We have been doing a lot of art activities this summer and Vivi is back to holding her pencils and markers correctly.  She did it right at a year and a half or so, but then all of a sudden started coloring and drawing with them clenched in her fist.  Now she can draw circles and other shapes.  She has her own style of circles with a dot in the middle, so we can now identify who has done which drawing on the wall!

This is the first summer that Vivi could do anything more than sit in a carriage at Fiesta.  She went on a few rides and mostly liked them.  She was a little unsure of the Merry-Go-Round, but she liked the Crazy Bus and loved the huge slide.  If allowed, she and Ryder would climb up, slide down and get right back in line to go again!  She also loved playing at the beach during the Seine Boat races and Greasy Pole.

Vivi loves to be outside and heads out whenever she can.  This summer she has been loving pushing around the play lawnmower.  She mows everything, the yard, the driveway, the street.  She also really likes to follow Daddy around when he is mowing the lawn with the real lanwmower.

Just chillin' in the water at Pavillion Beach

Enjoying an ice cream at Holy Cow

There;s the Merry-Go-Round

So happy to be at the beach!

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