Friday, October 27, 2017

33 Months!

Vivien has grown into such a good eater.  While there are still some things that she doesn't really like (strawberries!), she'll eat most every dinner that we put in front of her.  She prefers her tacos with all the vegetables on them, which is the opposite of Ryder.  She loves tomatoes, especially the ones from our garden.  She has been eating up a storm too, which isn't surprising considering that she's getting so much bigger!

Vivi really loves to do "activities," which is just doing some sort of art or sciency project with me.  We made slime and she was over the moon about it.  She has been really getting into art lately too, and she likes painting a lot more now.  She has also been drawing a lot more with her markers and with pens.  She draws people now, which are basically ovals with eyes and stick legs.  They are very cute.

Now that she's older, Vivi has been much more engaged in playing with Ryder and other kids, although she does often choose to do her own thing too.  Ryder plays lots of imaginary games and Vivi joins right in and runs around like crazy shouting about fires and pirates and things.  She has also gotten a lot more into her doll, changing its clothes and wanting to out diapers on it.

The new bed has still been going well, except that Vivi isn't so good at keeping the covers on her, which will be a problem as it gets colder.  She loves whooshing into bed- jumping from the arm of her chair straight to her pillow.  She has been getting a less regular nap this month, and she really still needs one, so she has been grumpy!  It's hard to say if it's from the naps exactly or just from getting closer to three!

Last month, Vivi's favorite friend Ducky disappeared into thin air.  I was actually worried that it got thrown away or burned in the fireplace because I looked everywhere.  Vivi took it pretty well, thank goodness, but she did keep asking about Ducky.  Luckily for us, Janda found it stuffed into the tube of a cat scratching post, so Vivi and Ducky were reunited at last!

She got her apple!

She held onto it tight and ate it all up!

Chasing some poor unsuspecting birds!

Driving the tractor

Every photo of the two of them was like this- one would look at the camera and smile, then the other would, but never really at the same time!

Checking out the flowers

Taking a (pretend) ride

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