Monday, April 2, 2018

4 Years + 10 Months!

We had a huge storm that brought 2 snow days with it early in the month and we had a lot of fun with the kids for that long weekend.  There was enough snow that the plows made a huge pile next to our house, so the kids were able to get some sledding in even when we were stuck at home.  We went out several times over the course of that 4 day weekend- the snow clothes were constantly hanging up to dry in the living room so that we could go out again later.  The first day, during the storm, it was quite cold and windy- so windy that when we went to look at the super high tide at the river, we couldn’t even look down the stairs to the beach because the wind was whipping our faces.  After we came in from that, it was time for a hot chocolate while we warmed up by the fire!

Since most of Ryder’s Christmas presents were pirate related, it’s been all pirates all the time since then.  The train table has turned into a pirate table, as the kids got forts and ships and all sorts of Playmobil pirate stuff.  It then migrates onto the floor as Ryder sets up a whole world of pirates.  He also loves his pirate costume, which he throws on most days to play life sized pirates.  His drawings were mostly pirate themed this month too- huge ships with tons of cannons and pirates with big beards!

It was a little bit of a tricky transition back to school after having school vacation and then a couple of snow days the first week back, which, coupled with Ryder’s treatment wearing off meant that Ryder had some anxiety being away from home and me.  In the mornings, he didn’t want me to leave for school and there would be a little tearing up at school when he was dropped off.  He genuinely seems to like school though, so hopefully this is just a little hiccup.

Just laying int he snow

Enjoying all that white stuff


Getting a little tired and cold, I think


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