Monday, June 23, 2008

This Week in Training

This past week of school we had finals and my last one was on Wednesday morning, so it was a pretty laid-back week for me and I managed to get in a few training sessions.

I can't remember what I did when, but here's the list:
3 3-4 mile runs
1 easy sprint workout at the track (50's)
1 hard 18 mile bike ride
1 easy 33 mile bike ride

I'm going to keep it relaxed this week also, but then I'll start doing a more structured base training schedule the first week of July. This past year was my worst ever for training and racing, so I'm really going to focus on getting where I need to be for Sept and pre-season training. All of my training will be dedicated to being absolutely ready for pre-season sprint training for Sept and October so that I can begin hard-core training in November. That's what has worked in the past, so that's what I going back to. The most important thing is to not burn out or get injured this summer and make it through wanting more.

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