Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter baby shower

The view out the window of the restaurant

It's a Girl!

The centerpieces we made

Lisa, me and our cousin Mariellen

Kevin, Lisa and me

The cake

Opening presents

All the presents for Emma


AJ said...

haha! okay...i usually log on to here on Mondays since you usually update on Sundays, but I have to admit (confess?) that I've been on several times this week with the sole purpose of staring at that delicious cake! I want the frosting and the cookies! :)

Michelle C said...

It was a pretty good cake. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry marble. It was homemade, quite delicious!

Angie said...

Hi michelle,

Would you be able to tell me where did you find the mirrors for the centerpieces and the vases? Thanks. By the way...they looked awesome.

Michelle C said...


Thanks! We got all of the supplies at Michael's and AC Moore. They weren't all in the same section, we walked around the store mixing and matching.

Good luck with your project.