Monday, January 19, 2009

Yet another wintery weekend

For the umpteenth weekend this winter, we had quite a storm. It was snowing when we got up on Sunday and snowed all the way til Monday. It was snow, then freezing rain and then a lot more snow with almost no wind. The result was snow-covered everything!

As usual, the tree across the street from our place

The woods were covered in snow

The marshes

Looking across the river

Looking across the river

Looking down to Half Moon Beach

Looking down to the harbor

One of the picnic areas at Stage Fort

Some lonely trees at Stage Fort

Sun setting over Stage Fort (at 2:30!!!)


AJ said...

some beautiful pics Michelle!!

Michelle C said...

Thanks. Someday I'll get a digital SLR and then my pictures will be really great. Here's hoping.

Anonymous said...

Baby Emma is so cute. How does it feel to be an auntie? Enjoy your new home. I want too know how the week by week schedule goes!!

Michelle C said...

It feels pretty cool to be an aunt! The week by week schedule is getting more detailed and I will certainly be posting a weekly update!