Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Post Pumpkinman Crush

Ever since Pumpkinman, Janda and I have been in a crush of busy-ness. We have been wedding planning, working on the house and attending to many other neglected areas of our life now that tri season is over for the year.

We did manage to get in a couple of breaks from all of the planning and working, most notable my favorite fall activity: Apple picking. Other than that it has been a lot of family stuff and go-go-go 24/7.

The orchard

Picking apples

Emma did make a visit with my mom this week to see the new color of our house and she is soooo cute nowadays.

Painting the house

The front of the house, half painted/half primed.


Looking up at my mom

A little smile

My dad taught her to scrunch her nose

In Janda's shades

For the next 17 days, it will be wedding, wedding, wedding, plus a little taking care of the house for the guests coming. Wish me luck!

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