Sunday, February 28, 2010

The end of February

Wow, two months have passed and nothing notable enough to post! I guess it's been a busy/boring two months. We have done a few fun things, such as see Avatar and baby-sit Emma, but for the most part it's been winter doldrums and work work work (mostly for Janda!) We've also gotten a few things done around the house and just have a few things left for now. Almost time for our one-year in the house anniversary!
Prepping for the rug.

Uncle Janda teaching Emma about chapstick.

Looks like she likes it.

A rare moment when she isn't on the move.

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April Bowling said...

Just make sure she doesn't get addicted to chapstick and 20 years from now blow her AG win sitting around in transition digging through her bag to find it...a la my husband! ;)