Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Fever

It's been an incredibly seasonable and even mild spring here in New England and Janda and I have been trying to enjoy it when not busy with work, etc... Our new past time this spring is kayaking. We have a deeded beach access down on the river, so we carry our kayaks down and check out Gloucester from the river-view.

Launching from our little beach

Paddling by the Annisquam lighthouse

Having fun going down the coast

Out past Wingaersheek

The green house above Janda's head belongs to our friends Julie and Beth. Janda wanted to taunt them with our kayaks!


Beth Willis said...

Yeah, I'm jealous!

julie said...

This is way cool. Now we can have kayak escorts for open water swims from Riverdale to Bay View and back.

Michelle C said...

Yeah, I was thinking that I could protect you from the jet skiers and speedboats at Niles! Although, maybe they won't pay attention to kayakers either!

Sadly, the three of you can probably swim faster than I can kayak!

sari said...

i didn't know you had a kayak. lets go kayaking sometime. although my kayak is more suited to lakes or rivers than the ocean.

Michelle C said...

Hey Sarah,

We just go them, we'll have to go sometime. Currently we have no way of transporting them other than by hand, so if yours is mobile, we'll have to go soon. Otherwise we'll have to wait til Janda gets a car rack!