Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 3 : July 4 - Ironman Austria

Klagenfurt, Austria

On Ironman Sunday, we got up bright and early to meet Kat and Jeff at the swim at 6:30. Janda hopped out to find them while I parked the car. There were cars parked everywhere, but I was able to snag a spot in the parking lot/field. I caught up with them and Janda and I watched as they did their warmup swims. They pointed out the swim course, Janda gave some last minute advice and then they hit the water for the swim start. It was crazy- everyone is walking slowly into the water and then a canon and fireworks go off to start the swim.

Finishing up the warmup swim

The start!

The Ironman was at a public beach resort, so we were able to grab breakfast from the concession stand and then find a spot to watch the bike out. Somehow even though we watched the whole bike out we managed to miss Kat and Jeff. Janda doesn't have as much experience spectating as I do (I'm practically pro!) and he was worried that something happened and they didn't get on the bike. Since I have missed Janda going by in the past, I figured that we just missed them. Janda was worried, but luckily nothing bad happened and we saw them both at the bike turnaround. After that Janda and I tried to go find some lunch. There wasn't a lot available and what we could find was all meat dishes. Janda had a chicken patty kind of thing and I had a cheeseburger that was totally the wrong color and consistency! While we were eating, it started to pour buckets. Luckily it was short lived and we headed out to the run course.

Jeff at the turnaround

Kat at the turnaround

We found a spot on a little uphill where the runners come under a bridge. B/c it's a double loop course, the runners went by that spot 4 times. After seeing Kat and Jeff go by, we checked out the winner's finish and then looked for another good spot. We found a great spot by the lake and saw Jeff go by. We missed Kat again, and Janda was worried again, but it turned out that Kat was running faster than expected and we missed her b/c we were too late. We jumped in the lake for a dip b/c it was intensely hot and then found a spot closer to the finish. We missed Jeff's finish, but saw/heard Kat's finish and found Jeff. The both did awesome and it was so much fun to watch IM Austria. It was super spectator friendly, with double loop courses, the crowds were crazy and there was a party atmosphere the whole day long!

Anxious coach!

Heading towards the 2nd loop

Running Loop 1 off the bike

Cooling off in the Worthersee

Janda at the Worthersee

Just after Kat's finish

After the finish, Janda and I headed to a little pizza place for dinner and we were in bed way before the midnight fireworks to commemerate the end of IM Austria!

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