Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Has spring sprung???

This April seems like it's been all showers and nothing else in between! There were a few moderately sunny days, and 2 warm days, but overall it's been cloudy and rainy. Consequently we haven't been too motivated to get things going in the yard.

We have been working on that tree that partially came down in a storm in December. What we can we'll store as firewood, some will go to the city compost but most of it will be the fuel for our backyard firepit.

Fodder for the firepit

We are planning on our vegetable garden being about 5 times bigger than it was last year, but I haven't gotten very far building the boxes. Hopefully this weekend we can take car of all that. I did get around to starting some seeds inside over vacation and those are starting to pop up, so once the boxes are done, there will be plenty to put in them.

Lettuces and gourds

Beans, onions and herbs

I just hope that May will be more sunny than April! I can't take the gloomy clouds much longer!

Kong squished into Michelley's bowl!

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