Saturday, May 7, 2011

The little plants have been getting big.

They outgrew their greenhouses.

So first we dug holes in the ground.

Then we built boxes.

And filled the boxes with dirt.

And now our plants have room to grow.

This year we have 5 boxes going. The box on the left is home to onions and carrots and sometime at the end of the month, tomatoes too. The front middle has broccoli, spinach, swiss chard, bunch onions and rosemary. The back middle will be tomatoes and maybe more carrots or something else, I'm thinking on it. The right front is full of sugar snap peas, tenderbush green beans, blue lake green beans, plus some herbs- basil, dill and thyme. The back right box has a mixture of leaf lettuces and will sport a trellis for the cucumbers and zucchini to climb in a couple of weeks. All I really need to figure out is where will the potatoes go?

I can't wait to watch my little plants and seeds get bigger!

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