Monday, April 16, 2012

I finally finished something!

I have sewn up 90% of 4 of the summer dresses on my Spring/Summer Sewing list and now all that remains is either annoying or hand sewing. Not surprisingly, as soon as each of them was 90% done, they went onto the 90% done wall to wait for me to be in the mood to hand sew or do something else annoying. Since that was getting discouraging, I decided to make a quick skirt.

Please ignore the squinting and bedhead

I have a few patterned fabrics that I have been stewing over, b/c I didn't want to make a skirt or dress that had a lot of seams. In the end, I decided to make a elastic waist, knee-length skirt. One casing, one seam and one hem. Easy peasy. A half an hour later I had a finished garment. I couldn't wear it today, even though the weather was amazing, b/c Janda and I went out on our motorcycles. Not conducive to skirts. Hopefully I'll get to wear it this week.

I was a little nervous, b/c I had never attempted an elastic waist skirt before and I was cutting into some of my precious and expensive Valori Wells voile. I figured that it would work out b/c I made my niece Emma a romper last week that used elastic extensively. I just took my hip measurement, added 4", cut a rectangle and sewed a few seams. I ordered some more patterned fabric from this weekend, so I think that I'll be making more of these.

Emma's romper

Hopefully this week I'll decide to get some of those other projects done!

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