Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Around the grounds

 I planted some wildflowers in our gardens this year.  Bachelor buttons are one of my favorites.

 To remind me of France, I planted Flander's Field poppies.
 They are lining our new wall, in the strawberry bed.

 The Royal Burgundy and Green beans are blooming.

 Tomatoes in bloom!

 The last of the peas are still as tasty as ever.

 Still have a few snow peas too, but not as many as last year.
    Last year all my raspberry bushes in the back were black.  This year they are all red!  I don't know if the red is more prolific and taking over or what?  I'm not complaining though, I like the red better.

 We put a couple of chairs in the shade next to the veggie boxes.

Our house is looking pretty good nowadays, especially with Janda's new truck in front.  The first thing he said when the truck came home was how nicely it goes with the house.  :)

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