Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week 34 Starts Today

We're starting to really get things ready around here, since we have somewhere from 4-6 weeks left, most likely.  We've been working on cleaning up and cleaning out, basically our normal spring cleaning is coming early, since spring will probably be pretty busy.  We're trying to make sure that we've got everything that we need ready to go.  I really need to get ready at work; that's the most important, since no one but me can get it done!

In non-stashbusting sewing news, I've started working on the diaper covers and have some clothing patterns cut out for the little guy.  Of course, I really want to be sewing for myself, but I can't fit anything in this condition!

Is is weird to keep all the baby presents in the carriage?

I organized everything so that it could be put away, but I still kept it in the carriage!

First attempt at a diaper cover.  Not bad, but I need to sew the elastic on tighter.

The Fold-Over-Elastic works great and looks really cute.

The baby likes to stay on one side of my stomach.

Staring week 34, can it keep getting bigger?

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