Sunday, February 24, 2013

32 weeks

We are starting week 32 of the pregnancy!  Somewhere between 5 and 8 weeks to go, most likely.  Me, my sister and niece were all born a little early, so who knows?  I plan to have everything ready by April 1, for work and at home, just in case.  I figure that if it's ready and I don't need it yet, I can kick back and relax the rest of April.

32 weeks and huge!   I don't know how my stomach can get bigger, but I've heard that it will!

Last weekend we had the baby shower, although it mostly got snowed out!  There is now a carriage full of baby things waiting to be washed and/or put away.  I also had major inspiration for the baby room decor this week.  The room is purple (my second favorite color!) and I really love the color that the room is and the way that it works with the awesome afternoon/evening sunlight, so we are keeping it purple even though the baby is a boy.  He won't be in that room forever and someday he can pick his own color.  To go along with the warm afternoon/evening glow that the room gets from sunsets over the river, I decided to decorate with a warm yellow.  So, I ordered some fabric to make a large canvas and spent the entire last day of my vacation making yellow classic Winnie the Pooh wall art.  Hopefully next weekend I can get that stuff done.

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