Saturday, July 27, 2013

A New Bag!

I have made a few post-pregnancy summer items, but it's hard to get any pictures taken when you're wrangling a 4 month old.  Hopefully soon!

Meanwhile I also made a new bag for work.  I have been using a velvet bag from the Gap that I like very much, but the straps are falling apart and it's just a tiny bit too small.  The new bag is bigger, has 2 interior sections, more external pockets and it is the best colors!

2 slim pockets on the front and 2 elasticized pockets on the sides.  The straps are long enough to fit over my winter coat, which is always a problem.

On the inside I made a wall to create 2 compartments, since I carry a laptop.  I also made skinny ties to hold the bag somewhat closed in the rain and other inclement weather.

I got the three fabrics from Hawthorne fabrics and just love them.  I got a yard of each, so I have plenty of leftover.  I'm thinking a collection of matching storage bags- a zippered bag, a Nook cover, and whatever else I can eek out!

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