Sunday, November 24, 2013

8 Months!

November 2013

Another month has passed in a blur of working full-time, laundry, dinners, hugs and kisses.  It seems like I finish the dishes just in time to go to bed each day!  Despite the busy-ness, Ryder keeps growing and doing new things- no slowing him down!

Ryder is still sleeping well, he wakes me up but he doesn't wake up himself much.  He's still pretty good at falling asleep at night, but he doesn't much like naps unless he's really really really tired. Otherwise he seems to do 20-30 minutes quickies.

He's eating more foods, we added some cereals and baby wafers.  This month he gets to eat table food, so the variety will increase a lot.  He really loves the oatmeal and scarfs it down. 

He loves to play with his toys now, but he really loves to play with things that aren't toys: papers, stuff he finds around and most of all the phones/computers.  Perfect!  He goes crazy in his jumper now- bouncing up and down like a mad man.  He can sit up perfectly and can push himself up without too much problem.  He also started crawling- taking a couple of steps first and then quickly moving to take over the house.  Big doings around here!  As usual he is all smiles and enjoys (almost) everything.

He looks like he's sitting up, but he's on the move.

Got into the position, tongue hanging out.

On the move!

He went from these few steps to owning the downstairs!

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