Saturday, December 28, 2013

9 Months!

December 2013

Ryder's first Thanksgiving was a big success- he got to eat dinner with everybody!  He had mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and a little turkey, all of which he seemed to enjoy.  He is having a little more variety in his day to day meals too, although not as much as I  had figured, since I make dinner after he goes to bed.  He has had turkey and ham and now he can have some breads, so he's had pumpkin bread and some O cereals.  He practices with his spoon every day, so someday I will trust him with food on it- all he can have now is cereal that sticks to the spoon.

He is a crawling machine and cruises around the house at top speed now.  He is interested in everything, so he is always taking off after something; a noise he heard, some light he sees or a cat. The cats are onto him though, and go in the other direction the minute they see him coming to hug and kiss them.  He can scoot back into a sitting position now too.

Sometime this past month, Ryder decided his bedtime should be around 5:30 and on weekends/vacations when I don't have to get him up, he will sleep 14 hours!  He still stirs in the night, but doesn't really wake up unless something is really bothering him.  The universe is making up for the fact that he almost never slept more than 90 minutes for the first month or so home.

He is making a lot more noises now.  He is still saying lots of consonant sounds, dada, mama, etc... and he also babbles to himself when he is playing or in his crib.  He intermittently responds to his name and usually responds to 'kitty."  In fact if you ask him "where is... " he will find the baby, the kitty and daddy pretty consistently.  

Oh you want me to sit up and take a picture?  I hope you have something to keep me entertained!

 Why yes, this snowman tastes delicious!

Sorry Mom, me and the snowman have gotta go.

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