Tuesday, March 3, 2015

23 Months!

Inching our way closer to 2 years old!!  It's pretty crazy to think that later this month it will have been 2 years since he was born.  It seems like yesterday, but on the other hand so much has happened since then!

His speaking skills continue to improve.  He is saying more and more 2 word combinations- last month he started adding "other" to words, this month he has been combining people and things to show possession.  He loves to point out "Daddy cup" and "Mommy elbow" and so on and so forth.

He really enjoys throwing balls. We got him a basketball hoop for Christmas, and he likes putting the ball in the hoop, but mostly he loves throwing balls all over.  He will throw them across the room, or he'll sit next to a wall and bounce it off the wall back to himself.  He is building cars with his Legos by himself now and then he pushes them around the floor.  His favorite winter activity so far is shoveling, followed closely by sledding.  He takes the little car shovel and pushes snow around the driveway and street.  If he sees the shovel on the way to or from the car, he loses his mind when he can't shovel then and there!

Now before bed he helps pick up the living room and dining room.  When I say "Let's pick up" he starts grabbing things and putting them away.  He knows right where almost everything goes.  He is also showing more interest in his clothes.  He will let us know when he wants to keep on his PJ's or wear his choo-choo shirt.  He also tries to help Vivien when she's upset.  If he hears her crying in the kitchen or on the monitor, he wants me to go get her right away.  If she is in her car seat and crying, he will rock it to try to comfort her.

He has his four front teeth top and bottom, plus his four molars are firmly established now.  I'm pretty sure some other teeth will be coming soon, because all of a sudden he is drooling a lot again.

He sat down for about a minute this time...

then it was up and at 'em!

Goofing around on the couch.

 Chilling out in the back of his truck.

On the move in his truck.

We've been seeing this face a lot lately!

He loves his cars, or trucks, as he calls them.

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