Monday, March 23, 2015

3 months!

Vivien is still in an eat-sleep-eat-sleep routine.   She stays awake for only short periods of time still, but certainly more frequently.  She now sits up in the corner of the couch or lays on a blanket for a while and looks around to see what's happening.  But if we keep her awake for too long, she lets us know by getting very fussy.  When she is awake, she smiles a whole lot.  It doesn't take much at all to get a huge toothless grin out of her.

She is a pretty good sleeper at night too.  She usually naps downstairs in the evening until we're ready for bed, between 10 and 11 most nights.  I feed her a little, but shes usually ready for her nighttime sleep at that point.  Many nights she sleeps straight through til 4-5am, sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later.  After I feed her around 7am, Ryder and I go downstairs and she sleeps in the bassinet for a couple hours more.

A couple of times this month, and even before, she has rolled onto her side.  I would say that it's always the left side.  Once this past month, she rolled all the way onto her stomach.  She would probably try that more if I was able to let her hang out on the floor more, but Ryder can be a little dangerous with his affection if she's unattended!  She has also lost a lot of hair this month, in all the places that her head rubs on the mattress so far.  Her eyes are still blue at this point and we're not quite sure which direction they're headed.  I guess we'll wait and see.
Love that toothless grin!

She stays up pretty well on her own.

Arms and legs are always moving, just like Ryder.

Just chillin'

That little face!

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