Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2 Years + 1 month? 25 months?

I don't know what to title this month's update.  2 years + 1 month is so long but 25 months sounds so weird.  In France, little kid's sizes go to 36 months, at the least (the last size that I bought for Emma- since she's 6 I clearly need to get back to France ASAP!), so maybe it isn't so weird.  I'll have to try them both out to decide!

Ryder has been having a blast this month.  Finally the weather has started cooperating and we have been able to go outside a lot more and for longer.  Janda was home sick the week before vacation and we went outside for at least 4 hours to give him some time to rest.  And still Ryder wasn't ready to come in!  He still likes to be pushed in the stroller, he loves to take walks and play in the yard and street (we're at the end of a dead end road), he will dig in the dirt until the cows come home and he loves loves loves seeing and especially following the big trucks.  We followed the recycling truck all the way around the point one day.

He hasn't learned too many new words this month, although he is getting better at repeating words that we say.  Mostly his new vocabulary this month has come in the form of onomatopoeia.  Some are from before this month, but most are new.  He has been doing cat, dog, lion, owl, monkey, cow, sheep, pig, motorcycle, truck and Cookie Monster.  There may be more.  My favorites are cat and Cookie Monster.  The cat's meow that he does is very soft and gentle, unlike most of the other sounds.  The Cookie Monster is hysterical "Um yum yum yum yum!" with the accompanying head shake that Cookie Monster does.  Janda is quite partial to the motorcycle, of course!

The Legos still get dumped out every morning and the trucks are pushed around the living room all day.  The bouncy balls are thrown and lost to be found later throughout the day also.  This month I got Ryder some small 12 piece wooden puzzles, because  he loves his Little Blue Truck puzzle so much, and he is a champ at them.  There was no picture to look at, so he needed a little help at first, but now he does them almost completely on his own.  He continues to love to draw and color- I am amazed that he can draw very good circles and once he even turned the circle into a face, with eyes, nose and hair, and said "Daddy!"

We have introduced him to his big boy room and we have been playing in there quite a bit to get him used to it.  Any day now we will be trying to sleep in there. Hopefully he takes to sleeping in the big boy bed, because we need that crib for Vivi!

Two year old tantrums aside, he is very happy!

He loves to draw.

Watching everything that is going on outside.

Even though he has 3 friends of his own, somehow Vivi's Ducky friend is the one he wants.

Always building with those Legos!

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