Saturday, April 4, 2015

2 Years Old!!

My teeny-tiny, premature first born baby is now 2.  His new clothes no longer are measured in months, but years and now that we have a baby again, it's so obvious that he isn't a baby anymore, although I still call him my baby!

The word of the month is definitely "bubble."  As the snow has been melting, there have been constant puddles on our street and Ryder discovered he can make bubbles in the water in a variety of ways.  He got a bubble mower for his birthday, so that completely cemented the bubbles as his new favorite discovery.

His favorite outdoor activity as Spring has been creeping in is definitely puddle jumping.  No matter what he is wearing, no matter how cold and wet he gets, he loves puddle jumping.  Inside it has still been all trucks all the time.  We have many kinds of trucks here and he loves them all: "big truck," "dump truck," "fire truck," "mail truck" and of course "daddy truck."  This past month we have made infinite Lego trucks.   He can sit and play with his Legos or coloring supplies for quite some time.  He certainly prefers to play with one of us, but he will play with them himself for a while too.

Ryder has been giving lots of love to us this month and also frustrating us with many mini tantrums.   He loves to give us hugs and kisses, especially Vivi!  When he wants to kiss her, or someone else (maybe a cat!), he says "Mwah" to let us know what he wants.  It is so very cute, as long as he is gentle, which isn't exactly always the case!  He has been having mini meltdowns at the drop of a hat lately.  If I don't know how he wants his Lego truck to be built and build it the right way, he cries.  If I can't figure out what he wants from the kitchen, he cries.  Don't do something fast enough, he cries; don't play with him exactly when he wants, he cries; change his diaper, he cries.  I think you can see how this is going.  Luckily us he calms down very quickly and moves on.  We just sing to him "put your head on my shoulder" and he relaxes and gets over it.

Happy Birthday Ryder!
Ryder with his birthday banner.

Playing with those Lego trucks.

We either make balls or snakes with the Playdoh.

When we ask "How old are you?" he holds up his thumb and pointer.

What a face!

What a smile!

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