Saturday, February 6, 2016

Winter Wonderland

We haven't gotten much snow so far this winter, so that hasn't been much winter fun happening.  Although we are perfectly happy with the Spring-like weather we've been having, don't get me wrong.  The first snow we had, Ryder was sick, so we didn't get him out.  The next snow, Ryder went sleddding in our yard during Vivi's nap, so she didn't get out.  This morning we finally got them both out together to play in the snow and it was adorable!  That being said, I hope it all melts fast!!

Vivi's first time in the snow!

Pulling them both around in the sled

Taking it all in while I push Ryder down the hill

Ryder likes sledding, no surprise there

Ohh, a helper!

A little ride down the hill

Everything was still covered in snow this morning

Ryder decided to trying laying down

My two cuties

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