Monday, January 25, 2016

34 months!

It's hard to believe that Ryder will be three in two short months!  On the one hand, he is getting so big and developing so fast, and on the other hand it seems like just yesterday he was born!

This was the first Christmas that he really had an idea that something special was happening.  He kept saying all month long that Santa was going to bring him lots of trucks!  On Christmas morning he woke up at his regular time and we had to tell/remind him that it was Christmas and Santa had come last night.  Santa brought him a table with a track set that had lots of cars and trains and other little parts for the scene.  It was a HUGE hit and he didn't even really want to open his other presents.  He and Vivien have been playing with that and all of the other new toys ever since.  The only downside to Christmas was that Ryder didn't understand that it would be over and that Santa wouldn't be bringing him new toys every night!

He is definitely in a "boundary pushing" phase.  The good news is that he knows what is right and what is wrong; the bad news is that knowledge does not inform his choices yet!    Right now, when the moment passes, he is pretty good about giving "please forgive me" kisses.  Usually it just takes a few minutes of freaking out before he moves on to something new.

This month Ryder hit a milestone that he probably wouldn't have minded skipping.  He had his first real sickness and threw up, while on my lap of course.  He was down for the count for two straight days.  In fact, he was only out of my sight for about 45 minutes for those 48 hours!  He spent most of the time on the couch, sleeping or watching Curious George or Bob the Builder.  It snowed that first day and he wasn't even a little bit interested in it!  The poor boy really must have felt miserable.

Ever since my maternity leave, Ryder has been even more attached to me than ever.  I don't know if the vacation jump-started that or what, but he has been very snuggly lately.  He always wants me to be with him and gets upset when I leave, plus he has been cuddling a lot.  He wants to sit on my chair when we eat and will walk over and hug my leg, especially if I'm holding Vivien.  That being said, he still never minds when I leave for work in the morning and say good-bye to him at my mom's!

Enjoying his apple

What a face

Just chilling, eating his apple

Goofing around

Getting a little tired of this photo shoot

A little break on the hippity hop cheered him right up

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