Thursday, March 31, 2016

15 months!

Vivien is firmly established as a walker now.  She's still a little bit unsteady, but she walks most everyplace now.  She still occasionally slips and falls with a big whoosh, but that mostly makes her laugh.  She also loves to climb and has been moving things around to help her climb up onto things she shouldn't.

Ever since she started taking a bottle Vivien has been a great sleeper.  Only if something is really bothering her do I ever have to get up.  In the night she usually lets out a couple of cries, but goes right back to sleep.  She never comes in to sleep with us, which Ryder has always done occasionally.  To be honest, I kind of wish she would!  These days (and nights) fly by so fast and there is a very limited window for baby snuggling.

She has been into playing games for quite a while.  She started with Ryder's favorite baby game- hide someone's face behind a lovey and ask "Where's so and so?" but now she does other little games too.  She loves to pretend that she's going to share her food with us and then pull it out of our mouths at the last second.  She also loves to turn her head away and then look back really quickly- why that is hysterical I am not sure, but she loves it.

Mostly Vivien loves to be around us.  She will get something and then come over to sit with me and she follows me to any room that I go to.  She prefers to play with whatever Ryder is playing with, but Ryder does not feel the same.  Usually I can convince him to let her play with some of what he's doing, but not always.  It is definitely partly Vivien's fault though, as she tends to tear apart everything he has been building!

Instantly she starts trying to get that show off

And there it goes

One shoe won't stop her from walking and eating at the same time


A regular daredevil like her brother

Using her own spoon now

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