Sunday, April 3, 2016

3 years old!

And just like that, another year has gone by!  It has been quite a year; it's amazing how much Ryder has changed, grown and developed.  Day to day it doesn't seem like anything changes and then I watch a video from last spring and it's amazing.

As predicted, Ryder was very very hyped up for his birthday.  He kept counting down the days til his party. We told him that he had two weeks to his party at one point and he kept saying "two weeks" til his party until a couple of days before.  He was out of his mind excited.  I let him help frost his own cupcakes and his cake that morning and he loved it.  He was very excited about all of his guests and had a great time eating cake and opening presents  Since he got loads of firetruck related presents so he was super happy.

Ryder has become a bit more of a picky eater as he has gotten older.  He will no longer eat anything and everything.  He is still very good at eating fruits and some veggies, so that's good news.  He loves broccoli and potatoes, but most of veggies have to be hidden.  He loves all fruit, but especially melon and strawberries.

Most nights before bed Ryder loves to read a few books.  He has his favorites that are in short rotation.  Most of them he knows practically by heart and often we hear him acting them out with his toys.  He mostly reads longer books now, but we still read board books occasionally.

Ryder is more active than ever.  He runs around outside any chance he gets, but is also all over the place inside too.  We have found him essentially in the fridge, looking for something to eat or drink.  He climbs up onto anything and everything to jump off.  The higher the better, really.

He is very affectionate.  He likes to cuddle while we read and he loves to give everyone, especially Vivien, hugs and kisses.  When he is grumpy though, he likes to tell us not to talk to him, "Don't say that!" and won't give any hugs or kisses until we can get him to laugh.

A smile for Mommy

Really interested in that grape

Always moving

He has been practicing his numbers a lot lately, especially 3

Happy Birthday!

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