Saturday, August 27, 2016

20 months!

Vivien has been talking up a storm this month.  There are times when she quietly watches things, especially when strangers are around, but mostly she is chattering constantly, or screaming.  She has a high pitched scream of joy and amusement that would shatter fine crystal if we had any!  She is picking up words much more quickly now and seems to have a new word practically every day.  My favorite words of the month have been her new phrases: "I did it!" "Here you go" and "I got it!"  Every time Vivien does anything she excitedly exclaims "I did it!"  It's really cute how proud she is of doing things herself.

Speaking of doing things herself, Vivien wants to do everything herself.  She likes to pull on her own clothes, eat her own food and do every little task.  If we try to do something that she wants to do herself, she tells us
"No!" with her cute little scrunched up face.

So far Vivien loves to play with trucks, which Ryder is still not a fan of, and the musical toys the most.  Everything else she just likes to dump out and walk away!  Her favorite things to play with though, are things that are not toys.  She is constantly going through drawers and pulling everything out to choose the most baby-inappropriate things to carry around.

She likes to help in the garden, but she doesn't quite understand which things are ready to pick!  She is sort of getting the idea now, but mostly she picks whatever she wants and then says "Ready!" A lot of the time it is something green!  We have a lot of tomatoes and peppers, so I don't mind too much and would rather encourage her to be part of the gardening.  It does upset Ryder though- he keeps trying to explain to her what is ready.

Vivien has been eating and sleeping well.  We cut back on the milk a little bit, but on the hot days we give her more.  She still likes her few certain fruits and veggies, but hasn't really found any more that she likes.  She definitely likes dinner foods the most.  She is still doing two naps a day most days, but I can see the slow transition to one is coming.  It might have to come when we go back to school.  Most nights she still goes to bed easily and sleeps through the night.  Both she and Ryder had fevers this past month, so that night was a bit trying, but the rest of the time she has been great.

Most of the pictures were her looking sideways- note to self, next time have Ryder over with me!

Big smile!


I love that sweet face!

Always dumping stuff out

Who me?  I would never make a mess...

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