Monday, August 29, 2016

41 months!

Terrible three's pushing forward around here!  We're still working on listening and following directions and Ryder is definitely getting a lot better.  It's not 100% of the time yet, but when we ask him not to do something, he has gotten a lot better at not ignoring us and doing it anyway!  He is very headstrong (are there any three year olds who aren't?) and when what he wants and what we want aren't the same, he gets frustrated.  This still mostly happens before nap and before bed when he is tired/overtired.

Ryder has been back on his bike a lot this month.  There are some kids in the neighborhood who come up for the weekends with their bikes, so the whole group of them tear around.  Ryder really enjoys it when there are other kids to play with.  Since he's not in pre-school yet, he doesn't quite know what to do in a big group of kids, but he still has fun.  They are all older than him, and they are pretty good with him and Vivi.

We did a few art projects this month, some inspired by Curious George and another inspired by a rainy day!  Curious George makes Valentine's Day cards for his friends in one of the episodes, so Ryder wanted to make some cards too.  We got out a bunch of cards and Ryder started painting.  After I showed him that you can paint on one side, close the card and make a neat mirrored pattern, he was all about that!  He would paint one side of his card and then say "Watch this trick Daddy!" He must have painted 40 cards that way.  He gave several of them out already.

Ryder continues to be very involved in the garden.  He picks the tomatoes but hat he really loves now are the peppers.  When we come in he sorts the different veggies into baskets, puts them into the fridge and then helps cook them later.  He loves to pull the stems off the tomatoes as I am getting ready to roast them, but his favorite is grilling peppers.  The other day he put all of the peppers we picked in the grill, which was off. Later when Janda turned it on he found a bunch of cooked peppers when he opened the grill after it warmed up!

Sitting with Daddy

A little slouchy but still smiley

Sitting up and saying cheese

On the go of course

Running around

Eventually all of the jumping ended up in a pig pile

Goofy face

The action photos are his favorite part

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