Wednesday, October 19, 2016

22 months!

Vivi has settled in very nicely to her new schedule.  Her mid-day nap is a very consistent 2-2.5 hours now and she goes right down to sleep/does not fuss when we put her down.  She goes to bed either a little before or just after Ryder and almost never fusses at bedtime either.  She is getting a lot better at sleeping while there are other noises in the house, which is also very helpful.  She almost never wakes up before her wake-up time of 6:30, which is very nice on weekends.

Vivi is super active, I would say that she is pretty much equal to Ryder at the same age in activity and energy levels.  She loves running, jumping and climbing and she seems to have no fear.  The heights that I have seen her jump from are enough to make my heart jump into my throat.  She is much more coordinated now while running and enjoys running back and forth and in circles in the house when we can't be outside.  Just like Ryder though, her favorite is jumping and bouncing like crazy!

Vivi is getting to that age where her speaking skills are starting to snowball.  She has added loads of words this month: "pumpkin," "apple," taco," and a few different kinds of trucks.  She now plays the "Find a truck" game with Ryder and I on the way to my mom's in the morning.  Even when she doesn't see the truck first, she loves to yell "I got it!" which infuriates Ryder.  She has been using a lot of action words lately too, like "Wait," "Help," "Carry you," and of course she has been saying "More" for quite some time.

My two favorite phrases this month have to be "Watch this" and "Whatcha doing?"  Everything that we do all day long is accompanied by a handful of "Whatcha doing's?"  It's so darn cute.  Lately Vivi has been into showing off all of her new skills and she always wants us to "Watch this."  I love it she comes over to me, grabs my chin and makes serious eye contact while she says "Watch this."  Then she continues to check that I am still watching until she does her trick.  Then she comes over and does it all over again.

She loves her little rocking chair

What a smiley girl!

She was rocking like crazy

She loves that little fire truck

Taking a reading break

Chilling on the couch with her friends

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