Saturday, October 29, 2016

43 months!

This entire month Ryder has been out of his mind excited about Halloween.  On October 1st we started decorating the house and we have been doing Halloween activities the rest of the month.  October 1st we put out our decorations and made pumpkins, ghosts and bats to hang up on our fireplace.  Ryder was super excited and put some of the decorations in his room too- he has a bat, some pumpkins, a "spooky tree" with Halloween balls and some lights.  He decided where to put everything and when I have moved anything (such as the dead leaves that he put in a vase!) he noticed right away and put it all back!

At the beginning of the month Ryder as hanging onto summer, as we all try to do, and only wanted to wear shorts and t-shirts.  He totally resisted long sleeved shirts, pants and jackets for quite some time.  I just noticed that he has figured out that it is cold out in the mornings and no longer gives me a hard time in the morning.  That makes it easier to get out the door!

Talking to Ryder is pretty awesome now.  He knows so many words, says so many funny things and knows about so many things.  He says "Of course I can" and "Of course I can't" about everything, which is hysterical.  One day we were talking about chickens and eggs and he said "Chickens come from eggs?  No...they wouldn't fit!"  So funny that I had to write it down!

Ryder has been practicing writing letters and numbers in a wipe-off workbook and loves it.  He finishes the 4 or so pages and then shows me how well he has traced the letters.  We talk about letters a bit and he talks about numbers all the time.  He reads the time off the clock on our stove all the time- he's knows what time certain things happen and likes to figure out when that will be.  He is pretty good with 2 digit numbers and is starting to talk about 3 digit numbers.  He doesn't always know what order to read the numbers in, left to right versus right to left, but he still is pretty good at saying the name the right way.

It as a little tricky to get him to put that apple down!

Vivi got involved in the action shots

Climbing all over stuff as usual

What a smile

Loves those cheeks

Pure joy!

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